"On the Wings of an Eagle" is a television story on the life and times of an extraordinary scholar, historian, and Renaissance man. A man truly for all seasons and people - Dr. Edward Robinson, Jr.

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On the Wings of an Eagle

“On The Wings Of An Eagle” articulates the need for human knowledge through the lives of everyday people. It is sensitively focused to present the myriad issues of cultural and racial diversity as they are experienced by men, women and young folks from all walks of life. The television special is not an expose’ of grievances that merely undress the wounds of bigotry, leaving them raw before the public. This program is designed to incorporate all the critical elements that impact the process of cultural and racial intolerance, especially those that create healing.
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Dr. Edward Robinson

Dr. Robinson is a phenomenon, a unique individual whose passion has driven him to dedicate most of his 91 years to educate and reprogram African Americans in a way that he believes will change the perception of all Americans toward the ancestral heritage of African Americans in a way that is unprecedented in modern times.
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